In the ghostly remnants of a once resplendent city, time is a distorted mirror, reflecting the anguish of a past forever trapped in its final, catastrophic moments. A ruler's disastrous ambition and the collective heartbreak of his people has left the realm eternally fragmented.

Embark on a journey to a land scorched beneath a dark sun, where the very essence of life is drained away, giving rise to an all-encompassing dread. In the domain of Kalidnay, the earth resonates with despair, and terror permeates the air, stifling hope and sanity. Survival becomes defiance in a realm where every choice leads to harsh consequence, and fear is a relentless force in a nightmare that refuses to end.

Encounter the oppressed folk of Kalidnay, their life force sapped, their spirits crushed under the cruel rulership of Thakok-An, the High Priestess, and the sleeping sorcerer-king Kalid-Ma. Uncover the dark ritual that threatens to consume the very soul of the land, transforming it into a draconic hellscape even worse than its current wretched form.

Yet, beneath the surface lurks a more immediate terror. A force, insidious and unrelenting, threatens to strip away your very vitality. Is it a curse or a key to unimaginable power?

To survive this desolate wasteland, you’ll need to navigate its dangers, decipher the intentions of its inhabitants, and confront the monstrous legacy of Thakok-An herself. Are you prepared to face the harsh truth of Kalidnay and the shadows of your own nature? The domain awaits — and its secrets hunger to be known.