On a lush, twisted jungle island, the line between man and beast is terrifyingly erased. Predatory creatures, their cunning sentience a testament to some hidden, dark intellect, roam freely. Amidst the blood-curdling calls of the transformed, the wilds are humid with dread.

Venture into a realm where the boundaries of man and beast dissolve into a horrifying blend. On an isolated jungle island, the genius Dr. Markov, driven by desperation and ambition, has unlocked the secrets of the mind, bestowing sentience upon the wild creatures that roam its depths. But this gift comes at a terrible price.

Encounter the Awakened, a collection of creatures whose newfound intellect is a double-edged sword, leading some to worship Markov as a god, while others plot against him. From the cunning of the monkey Belial to the wisdom of the raven Zariel, each beast holds a piece of the island’s dark puzzle.

Yet, beneath the surface lurks a more immediate terror. A formula, potent and treacherous, threatens to strip away your very humanity. Is it a curse or a key to unimaginable power?

To survive this twisted paradise, you’ll need to navigate its dangers, decipher the intentions of its inhabitants, and confront the monstrous legacy of Dr. Markov himself. Are you prepared to face the wild heart of darkness and the shadows of your own nature? The island awaits — and its secrets hunger to be known.