Mischievous fiends and angelic spirits serve the cruel whims of a demented child as a mysterious Tutor watches on. Witness the unsettling consequences of a mother's twisted love for her son.

Step into a nightmarish domain where the line between innocence and evil blurs. In a haunted estate, Malocchio Aderre, a child touched by darkness, manipulates spectral beings and tormented servants in a macabre game of horror. This is no ordinary child, and his games are a testament to a mind steeped in malevolence.

Meet an array of grotesque characters, each bound to the whims of the young lord. Unravel their chilling tales and navigate the treacherous politics of the estate. A mother's ambition, a tutor's hidden schemes, and a child's cruel pastime create a perilous maze that could lead to escape or ensnare you further.

At the heart of this intrigue is a potent artifact—an ethereal conduit to the spirit world. Could this be your key to salvation, or the final step in a sinister trap?

Surviving this harrowing adventure requires more than courage. You'll need to outwit your adversaries, solve cryptic riddles, and choose your allies wisely.

Step inside — the game has already begun.