The ghastly Vistani crone reaches for the Tarokka deck with withered hands, bangles clattering down her bony arms. She draws a card and stares at its telltale face in the guttering candle’s glow. The old woman gazes ominously at the reading as a frigid draft wafts through the creaking room, extinguishing the candles one by one.

As darkness encroaches, the woman’s rheumy eyes widen at the sight of wispy tendrils drifting across the worn floorboards. The portent is clear—the Mists approach once more, eager to claim new victims. These poor souls will roam the Domains unprotected, at the mercy of the Dark Powers’ cruel whims. They can only hope their sanity withstands the terrors ahead… should they survive at all.



COMING SOONWelcome to Mordent, a realm shrouded in the haunting echoes of its past. Here, ancient tragedies refuse to be forgotten, and the restless dead wander the mist-laden moors and crumbling estates. This is a place where the living coexist with the specters of history, where every shadow holds a secret, and every breeze carries the laments of those long gone.


COMING SOONIn the sun-scorched domain of Pharazia, a kingdom of warm deserts and ancient curses, the death knell tolls for the condemned. Amidst the sandy tombs and haunting specters of a civilization past, the line between justice and vengeance wavers. Unjust accusations carry in the wind, their chilling resonance a grim testament to the executioner's unchecked power.


The Rider's Bridge
COMING SOONUpon the forlorn Rider's Bridge, the ominous form of a decapitated horseman casts a pall of dread. The ceaseless hunt for his lost head brings a chilling catastrophe, threatening the end of bloodlines and the loss of all that is cherished. Amid the eerie toll of hooves on the haunted bridge, the air is heavy with the scent of impending doom.


Vhage Agency
COMING SOONIn the monochrome confines of the Vhage Agency, a case of a missing child sends ripples through the gray. Amid memory loss and spectral clues, the agents are tasked with a search that delves deeper into mystery. Their mission: to find the innocent caught in the maddening maze of another's past.


COMING SOONIn the child-ruled village of Odaire, the evil marionette Maligno manipulates a naive toymaker into creating his minions, orchestrating a silent coup that removes all adults from power.


Sea of Sorrows
COMING SOONStranded amidst the storm-ravaged Sea of Sorrows, the adventurers are offered a lifeline by Captain Pietra van Riese of the zombie-crewed ship, The Relentless. The price for their safety? The beard of the haunted Bluebeard, tormented endlessly by his wives in his spectral fortress. In the deceptive calm of the Mists, their journey promises not only a test of their courage but also their spirit.


Isle of the Ravens
COMING SOONA storm of ravens obscures an island shrouded in mystery and despair, where an impossibly tall tower pierces the sky. Amid the feathered chaos, a nameless Lady, her sight stolen by the very creatures she once controlled, is haunted by her forgotten past. In this eerie realm, memory is the key to salvation, and the line between tormentor and companion blurs in the ceaseless cawing of the raven storm.


The Nightmare Lands
COMING SOONIn the phantasmagoric realm of the Nightmare Lands, dreams warp into a twisted reality and sleep becomes a perilous snare. Amid the malicious wilderness, the deserted city of Nod, and spheres of unending nightmares, the elusive Nightmare Court — each a living horror birthed from a sleeping psychic's subconscious — reigns. Will the psychic awaken to confront the terror she has unleashed or will the realm remain forever a labyrinth of dread?


The Carnival
COMING SOONStep right up to the Carnival, where whimsical wonders mask a darker game. Succumb to the allure of Isolde's traveling domain, but beware — each laugh, each gasp, each cheer feeds into a grander scheme. Who is the puppet, and who pulls the strings? Discover the unsettling truth as the Carnival's true master weaves a web of deceit and dark ambition.